Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two New Roommates...

Yes I know, I'm late in need to remind me...but...well there is no buts...

We have a new roommate. They moved in last Wednesday...and have decided to make it a permanent home for a little while. We don't have a lot of space, but we are making do. And for me, it's exciting. A little nerve racking but it is going to be fun. We'll have to rearrange some things, and things will have to go out in the shed, but it's no big deal at all....and we are happy to move the things out, so that they can stay.

I am talking about my Dad and Freida. My dad will be living in our spare bedroom while building his boat. Yes is making a boat so that he can sail up the eastern seaboard. A dream that he has had for a while now. And Freida will be sharing the space with now, don't get to excited, Freida is my Dad's 11 week old Boston Terrier. She is an amazing little pup, and a great companion for my dad.

It will be nice that my dad is back in town....we didn't have the greatest relationship when I was younger so now maybe things will change. I'm an adult now, and don't need to please. I have my own opinions...and so does he...and we might just have to agree to disagree. I'm glad that Tori will get to know her grandpa...he has so much to teach us.

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