Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well I really didn't know what to title this post today. There's a lot of thoughts running through my head and yet none of them have any organization. Thoughts from how amazing God is, how wrong some people are, Christmas thoughts, I'm exhausted thoughts, thoughts that "wow it's almost 1:00 where has my day gone"...like I said I'm all over the place today. Trying to focus..but not being able too....

Yesterday was an eye opener for me. It amazes me what God puts in people's lives for them to endure. Some are capable, and some are not. I look at Mckmama, and she amazes me. She has been faced with so much this past year and a bit, and still she holds so strong to her Faith in the Lord. She is a true servant to God, and proclaims Him every minute of her life.

Then I look at the news here locally. And I am disgusted by what I read. Physically made ill by someone who was blessed with one of God's miracles and then committed a heinous crime against the child. (for my own peace of mind, I will not go into details, if you want to know, you can read our local news at http://www.woai.com and do a search for "baby scotty") I have know words to express my anger and sorrow for this woman. That is all I'm going to say.

I am a little on the tired side of life these past couple of days. Tori cut her first tooth on Friday, and last night we have seen/felt the 2nd tooth as well. 2 teeth in 3 days is a lot for a little one. And low and behold, the top 2 teeth are probably going to make an appearance shortly. You can see the "white" lines already. Anyways...needless say I'm exhausted...my wonderful baby that sleeps through the night was up at 9:20, 11:45, 2:15, 4:20, and 5:50...and then I got her out of bed at 7:25...all she wanted to do was comfort nurse....at least I was able to soothe her pain away...

And last on my list...Christmas thoughts. This year I'm making gifts. I'm tired of spending so much money on gifts that seem so impersonal. I have my list started, and I'm going to have to start hunkering down and get a move on things....4.5 months to go. And with a little one under my feet, my time is precious in front of the sewing machine. Things to be made
  1. table runner w/ 6 place mats (S&S)
  2. table runner w/ 4 place mats (A&N)
  3. jacket (must make muslin first) (BD)
  4. knit shirt (either wrap style, or bias cut) (AD)
  5. bolster pillow w/ beading (KM)
  6. 50's style apron w/ flavored oils & sugar (KM)
  7. pillow friend for boy (BM)
  8. pillow friend for girl (AJ)
  9. pillow friend for girl (VP
  10. hooded towels (3) (BM, AJ, VP)
The items in ( ) are only for my reference so I know who I made things for....I'll still have to buy a couple of things, but it will be hopefully somewhat cheaper. At least it will be more personal...

...Off to see the wizard.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Heart is Breaking…


That is all I can say….please pray for Stellan…. http://www.mycharmingkids.net/ it is a grave/dire circumstance right now. Please let your prayers be heard for Jenn and her family.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What One Has...

Over the weekend Vic and I had a long discussion about how our life is being lived. And it really made me start thinking about a lot of things.....surprisingly they were mostly all good.

Growing up, I came from a family that was established. My dad was the bread winner, my mom was a SAHM, and we (children) were pretty spoiled. Not to the point of being bratty, but to the point of not going without. My dad growing up, didn't have much, and it was his goal to make sure that he gave us the best things possible. So that we would not have to go through the hard times that he did. And he did just that. He provided very well for us. We had a huge house, nice cars, good clothes, was able to be in every extra circular activity known to man. And he supported it all...I had the silver trumpet when I became a freshman in high school, I had the private lessons, I had the car when I turned 16 along with the gas card to go with it. But there were rules that went with it all. No buying things other than gas w/ the card, grades must remain at A's, be home when told, do my chores ect. My mom was always with us. She finally got a job when we both were in school. And even that job was at the school. So she was always off when we were off....

Looking at it now, I was spoiled...very spoiled, and I was materialistic....

That leads me to our conversation.....so I'm going to put it all out on the line....it's more for me to reflect back on....

We don't have much. And you know we might not ever have a lot either. But that's perfectly alright with us. We don't live in a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, brick house, with a big back yard. We live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home, that's paid in full. And that's fine for us. We don't drive brand new cars. Vic has a 1997 Honda, and I have a 2006 Scion. But they are perfect for us. We don't take lavish vacations, we enjoy going camping on the weekend. I don't have a lot of extra money to go spend $50 bucks on a new blouse, but you know a $10 top from Wal-Mart will do me just fine. We don't have cable anymore, b/c of the added expense, but we can see almost anything on the Internet these days. Tori doesn't have a lot of toys, but a set of old pots and pans she loves the most. Even though there is the most gorgeous dress on the rack, it's not on sale or clearance; therefore, it will not make it to the check out stand with me. These are the things that make me who I am....

Our biggest issue in our conversation was our dwelling. You know, it's really not that much. But it's ours. It's paid for, it was a gift from my mom, and it's perfect for us. But for Vic, it's not enough. He wants to do more for us (meaning Tori and I), and he's having a hard time accepting that he can't. He says it makes him feel lesser of a husband/father, because he can't provide more. This saddens my heart. He feels that some might think less of us because of where we live or what we drive, or the clothes we wear, or the fact that we can't always go places with others because money limits this. He fails to see that WHO we are is what people should be looking at. If they only look at our material things, then they are missing what is in our hearts. He is an amazing husband, and an even more amazing dad to Tori. These are the things that people should be looking at. We could have the nicer things if I went back to work without a doubt. But the only one that would be missing out is Tori, and that's not fair to her. I CHOSE to have her, I CHOOSE to raise her. We do without, so that Tori may be raised in a loving environment, and be raised with the values that we want her to have. I don't want anyone else raising her. If she fails at something, it's because WE did not teach her right. WE will be the only ones to blame.

So after our conversation, we decided to do a little cleaning/reorganizing of our home. And it has made a world of difference. But we have decided there are some things that we want to change about our home. First, we will be ripping up the Hunter Green carpet, and the linoleum in our kitchen. I've found some vinyl tile at Lowe's that I am in love with. It will definitely brighten the house. Then we will lay area rugs down. Buy a $25 buck rug and changing it when you're tired of blue or burgundy is a lot cheaper than redoing the flooring again. I will also be redoing our curtains. I've found a pretty easy pattern for Roman shades, and we both agreed that that's what we want. The kitchen and den will be done first, then I'll do a room at a time, to cut down on expenses....but that's neither here nor there....

I guess my main reason for this post was to realize that what I have, may not be the best, may not be the most expensive, but it's mine/ours, and I need to be proud of what I do have. I have an amazing marriage, I have the most amazing little girl I could have ever dreamed of having, I have a roof over my head that can't be taken away, I have a job that I can take my daughter too, my husband has a great job, and I have a wonderful family. So to be honest, I have a perfect life. Yes it has it's ups and downs, but it's perfect for me. God has blessed me with so much, I just needed to take a step back and count my blessing....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A New Adventure…

    Well I took the plunge and have sewn my first knit garment.  I’ve always thought it would be hard.  But it’s AMAZING to sew on.  I have to agree with a couple of other people, I think I like it better than wovens, and this was just my FIRST experience. 

I just made simple summer dress for my sister.  Nothing fancy at all, just plain Jane but she loves it, so that’s what matters….Here’s a couple of pictures.

DSC20092 Finished product

DSC20101 Bubble hem…DSC20122 My finishing…

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes, it has been 8 months already…

And where has the time gone???  Tori turned 8 months yesterday.  I just can’t really believe it.  It truly seems like only a couple of months that I gave birth to her…

She’s doing so much these days…

  • Crawling
  • Sleeping through the night
  • babbling and saying “mama”
  • Pulling up on objects (couch, pants legs ect)
  • eating stage 3 foods (as of today, no choking or anything)
  • using her “pincers grasp” (however mom has a couple of tiny bruises from this
  • recognizing peoples voices
  • realizing that objects are still “there” even when they are behind a sheet or something..

She’s absolutely a joy in my life.  My true love without a doubt.  I’m so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be her mother, and I thank God for that, and her.

Happy 8 month Birthday baby girl…I love you….

DSC_2002_edited-1 copy  DSC_1987_edited-2

Yes I know, she’s a carbon copy of her Dad!!!

The Mailbox….

So, how many times do you go to the mailbox and dread opening up?  It’s usually the electric bill (ours is $175 this month..lovely), the cell phone bill, the car payment, or the ridiculous JUNK mail…..but today, I had the BEST “mail run”. 

One of the blogs I follow… by Katie, is amazing.  She has the cutest two little ones, but on top of that, she SEWS!!!.  There’s other really neat facts about her, but for those, you’ll have to go to her blog to see for yourself.  Several weeks ago, she posted a “Pay it Forward” blog.  All you had to do, was be 1 of the first 3 commenters on her blog, and agree to “Pay it Forward”.  I was one of the lucky ones…And today….I got my surprise.  A beautiful bag sewn by Katie. 

Here’s a couple of pictures to show you.  I love it!!!  Her craftsmanship is wonderful.  I can’t wait to start using it…  Thank you so much!!!!

DSC_2004_edited-1 The outside is a black denim…and the inside is lined with a soft purple fabric…I’m thinking it might be a linen.  It’s just beautiful!!!


Friday, July 10, 2009

My Bear….

Just of the Bear….she amazes me every single day….and she’s getting so big and trying to be independent!!!! 


She’s already scheming against us!!!!


Now we all know that there is absolutely NO reason to SLEEP!!!


This picture is one of my favorites…I know she looks a little washed out, but there’s just something about it…makes my heart just melt…..

Better Late Than Never….

As promised here are a couple of pictures that I took at my cousin Rick’s wedding…..Enjoy….

DSC_1838_edited-2 This is my little sister, Amanda, and her significant other, Nick.

DSC_1850_edited-2 Tori, with her Great Uncle Larry

DSC_1852_edited-2 Tori, with her Great Aunt Karen

DSC_1877_edited-2 This is the groom, my cousin Rick

DSC_1878_edited-2 The groom (far left), and the groomsmen.  The gentleman 3rd from the left is Rick’s brother, TJ

DSC_1879_edited-2Nicole getting ready to walk the isle

DSC_1882_edited-2Nicole and her Dad walking in…

DSC_1901_edited-1  Joy, Rick’s mom, reading a passage…


Mr.. & Mrs.. Rick Dyer, Jr.


This is my favorite picture of all…..I love it!!!

There are more pictures, but blogspot is being a pain, and it’s not letting me upload…grr!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Should have been a Monday post....

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Well this should have been a Monday post; however last week was one of those weeks that I don't want to relive anytime soon :)

I posted several posts last Monday and all was great. Then later in the afternoon I started to feel a little yucky. Not bad, but just not great. By the time my hubby got home (8pm) I had a fever of 101+. Mind you I went from awesome to crappy in about 4 hours :( . My fever broke Tuesday morning at around 4:45 or so. Needless to say I was exhausted and called in to work. [Thank goodness I have an awesome boss, who is also one of our amazing friends, and he just laughed at me, and said perfect timing beings our whole office was out of town.] I finally got up around 9 or so, and I felt GREAT. So totally weird in my mind. Then later that afternoon, I started to feel like crap again. Hubby got home, my throat had started to hurt, and then the dreaded look in the mirror....SPOTS!!!! BIG WHITE SPOTS ON MY TONSILS!!!!! Needless to say, after almost 4 hours in the after hours clinic, a swab test, I had strep. So that was my Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday was recovery.

Thursday, I went into work for 5 hours, just to catch things up.

Friday, my cousins wedding. Although it was 105 outside, and it was an outside wedding at 7:30 so it was only 101 by then, it was beautiful. I was lucky enough to get to shoot some photos, and I can't wait to put them up for all to see. Nicole was GORGEOUS, and my cousin, was so very handsome. I love them both, and only wish them the happiness that I have with Victor, with many many many more years to come.

Saturday, hrmm we went over to my sisters for BBQ. And then came home and went to the local park for my tiny city's fireworks. For being a town of only about 15k they sure know how to party. It was so much fun.

Sunday, church and time with my mom.

That leads us back to Monday...which this post should have been...but anyways. Yesterday was weigh in day, and I'm proud to report that I lost 3.8lbs. I'm sure some of it had to do with me being sick, but a loss is a loss, and I don't plan on gaining any of it back. Tomorrow is my 1month anniversary, and I have lost 11.2lbs. I'm very proud of myself. The baby is loving it too, we are going for walks at least 5 times a week. She's always so peaceful and content in the stroller. I love the fact that she enjoys it so much. I take a sippy cup with ice water in it, and we are out the door. We walk anywhere from 45 mins to 2 hours. Just depends on the loop I want to do.

Hrmm what else....oh yeah....you know how you love to do something...and then it gets put on the back burner for whatever reason. And though you long to do it again, there just doesn't seem to be any time left to do it?? That's how I've been feeling lately with my sewing. I LOVE to sew. I find it therapeutic, relaxing, it's a way for me to let my artistic side come through. Well lately I haven't been able to sew. It's one thing or another, but it just hasn't been happening. Well I've decided that it is truly something that I LOVE to do. Just like exercising, and eating better, these were things that I had to make time for. I've decided that that's what I need to do for my sewing. There are so many things that I want to make. And I need to make time for the things that I truly love to do. My sister has asked me to make a dress for her, and that will be my beginning again. There are things in my sewing life that I want to get better at. And the only way to do this is through practice. So right now I'm in the process of picking a dress for my lil' sis. She's in love with the maxi dresses only she wants a shorter version. So I'm combing through the patterns to see what I can find....

Well for now that is all....I'll add photos tonight to this post, just so you can see my little one. She's getting so big...OH and she's now crawling!!!! She's slow at it, but she's got her knees under her and is going in the forward motion!!!!