Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Thursday and All is Well....

Only 1 more day until the weekend. And I'm excited for this weekend. We are going to a small town up the road to have some BBQ with a girl I went to High School with. We were headed that way, so asked if her family would like to join us. I'm excited...I haven't seen her in ummmmm...10+ years or so...Facebook is a good thing sometimes. :)

I'm actually pretty tired today. Bear had a rough night :( She it cutting MORE teeth and they are giving her fits. Once again my child is waking up in the night. Only once but she stays up for several hours. Last night she woke a smidge before midnight, and went back to bed at almost 3am!!!! This makes mama a little on the tired side, especially when the alarm goes off at 6. Oh well she's only little once. I'll cherish these times just as I cherish her giggling happy times.

What else is new.....OH!!! Yesterday I actually got to sew some. Nothing spectacular, but I did get all my curtains hemmed. And with the extra that I cut off, I am making tie backs. I do need to go buy some ribbon though to finish them off. I'm just glad that they are no longer dragging on the floor. 8 panels was a lot to do...and each one was the same process. Cut the amount off, fold up 4 inches, pin, iron, unpin, then fold in an inch, iron, refold and pin, then flip over and fold back 1/4 inch and iron...THEN take to sewing machine to do a blind hem stitch (this is the type of hem that is on dress pants/slacks). When all was said and done, I'm very happy with the outcome. They look great :)

Other than that...nothing new. My next project is to trace off my mom's jacket and make a muslin for it. Just to make sure it fits correctly. Then I'll have to decide on what fabric to purchase and sew up. I'm excited about it. I also have a dress shirt that I want to make for her as well. Lots to do...lots to do..

For now...I'm out of here.

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